outflows and inflows of creativity

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kozachek Tango

Artist Janet Kozachek is inspired by the Tango. She has an exhibition, actually has had several now, of works with the dance as the unifying theme. Went to a reception Tuesday at the Orangeburg Arts Center, where dancers were dancing and patrons of her serendipitous work were in appreciation at the display of ink on paper, mosaic, and other expressions of this prolific artist's fancy. It was cool to see the forms in her work echoed in the graceful movements of the dancers; to really see what inspired her and led to this particular body of work. The art came down off the walls when we as viewers became participants, began dancing with each other; experiencing the freedom and joi de vivre of the moment. Two dimensions became three. Art became life.
Thanks, Janet.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dog Art

Been a crazy, stormy day. Monsoon conditions, lots of rain and wind. A good day to attempt to channel a little artistic energy. It's been slow coming.
Saw on tv this morning a story about a dog, a Jack Russell named Tillie, to be more specific, who "paints" and is represented by around a dozen galleries. Tillie's owner (funny I don't remember his name) puts down a board covered in carbon paper, which is covered by thick plastic. Tillie then does what Jack Russells normally do anyway, scratch and bite and lick and tear at the plastic. What you have then is a "work" that looks alot like, well, like a dog bit and scratched at it. This stuff has been compared, by hype artists, as similar to a lot of abstract expressionism on the market. My my. Lucky dog, at least she has a talented agent.
I suppose art is in the eye of the beholder. For me, though, it's about communicating a concept, an "aha!!" moment, not about random strokes. Anything less is just another form of con job.