outflows and inflows of creativity

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, now I can sayI've come close to hearing it all, on today, my birthday. Never mind how many.

First, let me say, I loooove dogs, I have one, Rosie, our baby, and will have one for the rest of my life. There she is, on the left there, chillin' at the beach.

I believe, like the IAMS commercials, that "dogs rule". But this is a bit much - want a laugh? read this: http://www.thestate.com/living/story/76499.html
What has this got to do with art? Maybe nothing, but we all need to laugh sometime - keeps the creativity flowing.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Play Nicely

Been making progress, albeit slow, on my newest painting. I've started painting in the first layer of color, getting a feel for how each one is going to get along with the others. At this point I tend to think of the elements - colors, shapes, perspective, composition - as playmates. I experiment at this stage, putting one or more of these guys and girls together, seeing if they will play nicely and not do anything unpleasant to one another. Pulling hair and throwing sand is not allowed.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Visited the Rita Smith Gallery in Columbia Friday last and was inspired by what I saw. This gallery showcases emerging South Carolina artists, and the variety and quality of works there is very encouraging. There are, of course, imaginative works on canvas; oils and acrylics; but also pottery, the most original and creative pieces I have seen in a while. There are utilitarian yet very dynamic fabric pieces, one of a kind purses and scarves that I guarantee you no one else at your next soiree will have. And handmade, thoughtful jewelry to go with that new or already- existing -in -your- closet outfit. You know these pieces are thought out, not mass produced, and lovingly made. A local artist, Mary Williams, was on hand to provide gentle conversation and/or assistance.
Places like this provide a wellspring of hope for those of us who are struggling, needing, to express ourselves, as well as providing the public a very valuable commodity: unbound creativity - the very key to the universe.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Warming Up

Made some good progress on my latest painting this past weekend. Wish I had more than just weekends to express myself through paint, but I'm grateful for at least that. Got my canvas primed and my composition worked out. The main accomplishment was getting my tones done. I like burnt umber for this step. I use it straight out the tube for the shadows and dark areas, and a gradient wash for other areas. This helps me start to see the dimensionality of the piece as a whole, to see, as possible as it can be at this step, what works and what doesn't. Being a mostly self taught artist, I was resistant to this extra step at first --whine "It takes too much time" whine "It ruins sponteneity"- - now I know it's crucial to the final look. It gives a warmth and depth to the overlying colors, a richness. Oil painters have used this technique for ages, and it works for acrylics as well. It's always good to go the extra step.