outflows and inflows of creativity

Monday, May 21, 2007


Visited the Rita Smith Gallery in Columbia Friday last and was inspired by what I saw. This gallery showcases emerging South Carolina artists, and the variety and quality of works there is very encouraging. There are, of course, imaginative works on canvas; oils and acrylics; but also pottery, the most original and creative pieces I have seen in a while. There are utilitarian yet very dynamic fabric pieces, one of a kind purses and scarves that I guarantee you no one else at your next soiree will have. And handmade, thoughtful jewelry to go with that new or already- existing -in -your- closet outfit. You know these pieces are thought out, not mass produced, and lovingly made. A local artist, Mary Williams, was on hand to provide gentle conversation and/or assistance.
Places like this provide a wellspring of hope for those of us who are struggling, needing, to express ourselves, as well as providing the public a very valuable commodity: unbound creativity - the very key to the universe.


The Artist said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog. Being an artist is a real process, good to share.

harriett said...

Thanks - yes indeed, a process that never ends!