outflows and inflows of creativity

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Semblance of Order

What an incredible whirlwind of a year this has been. I have been stretched, pulled; reshaped like a lump of Silly Putty in the hands of a child. To say I have been busy would be a gross understatement.

Working two jobs and attending college with a full course load, I have struggled with 500 word MLA style papers, constructed sculptures composed of sticks and leaves, and studied until the next day - all fueled by copious amounts of caffeine.

I took my first trip to New York. It was love at first sight.

My art has expanded as I have begun to learn to speak and better understand it's complex language.

The world around us has become increasingly toxic and volatile during 2008. Many lost fortunes and jobs, homes and hope. A senseless war still rages. This is old news, and most are weary of the day- to- day reality of it.

But risking cliche, on this New Year's Day, it is good to begin anew. As artists, we have a mandate to decipher the world around us, to make sense of it in some way. Lines become shapes, shapes take on form and mass. Simple marks, all put together, can become an expression of a place, person or feeling.

Here's one of my student works, pen and ink on paper, which was ridiculous in it's complexity, and quite a challenge to render. It's really amazing what you can do if you just try.