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Saturday, March 1, 2008

From Harlem to Hubble

Taking a short break from approaching midterms. My goodness, how time escapes! My goodness, I am ready for Spring Break in 2 weeks!

A wonderful thing is happening tonight. A new dual exhibition has been installed at the IP Stanback Museum and Planetarium on the campus of my school, South Carolina State University, and tonight is the grand opening and reception. These exhibitions are The Hubble Space Telescope; New Views of the Universe and Harlem on My Mind Part II; 1940 -1959, and they are fantastic.

These images encompass where we have been, the struggle and misunderstandings; and where we are going, to new worlds and vistas we can scarcely imagine. It is hope housed in a building of brick and mortar; it is a continual fight for freedom- artistic, social, intellectual - documented and shared so we will always remember.

If you can, please make every attempt to see this exhibition. It will be available until June 15, and you will certainly be glad you did.