outflows and inflows of creativity

Friday, July 17, 2009


Here's a commission I just completed. It is 24"X36" acrylic on canvas.

This couple will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! I worked from a black and white photo which was taken when they were dating.

Boy, I enjoyed this project!

Good Intent

My intentions have been good.

I hoped to post more than I have in the past, gosh, 6 months . . . but all to naught. I have honestly been burned out on writing, especially after my last semester of classes. When you have to do a paper a day, with bibliography, it tends to wear on a person.

I have been busily drawing and painting, however. Though course projects prove demanding, art continues to be my refuge.

I'm working on a new body of work, the Artists Series, which will explore the joys, pain, struggle, and sacrifice involved in being an artist. This first piece, titled Yom HaShoah, is of my mentor and dear friend, who is Jewish, painting a swastika.

Moving beyond the hatred and pain, her painting has opened dialogues to healing and renewal.

Yeah. It's about that, and much more.