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Friday, February 22, 2008

Golden Discovery

One neat thing I'm discovering about college is the richness of the learning environment, and the unexpected ways new ideas can be discovered. Of course there's the traditional classroom way, with lectures and interaction between professor/student and student/student.

But I discovered a real gem in music . . . and no, I don't mean Brittany's out of rehab and decided to actually attempt to sing, or any otherwise unlikely event.

No, I mean a real talent in the person of Paul Robeson.

I write and maintain the blog for the IP Stanback Museum & Planetarium, which is on the campus of my school, South Carolina State University. We are getting ready for a new dual exhibition, The Hubble Telescope and Harlem on My Mind. Harlem is a a group of photos from the Harlem Renaissance era, taken by some of the best photographers America ever produced. The Harlem part is dedicated to Paul Robeson. I found out about him after researching for the blog.

Lord, oh Lord, what a voice. This voice will make every cell in your body resonate.

Take a listen if you haven't heard him before. If you have, reminisce.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Coming Up For Air

Finally able to see a bit of daylight after being in the dark for a bit. I've been in the thick, tangled forest of school and work.

I am enjoying myself - the college experience is one I can appreciate more, given that I'm older than the average student, than I could have if I attended when I was younger.

I don't have to worry about fitting in - I don't and it's perfectly fine. Cool even.

I don't have the self esteem issues a lot of the younger students seem to have - I have a confidence that I've bought through happiness and heartache.

I don't abuse time - achieving "middle age" makes one aware of every tick of the clock.

It is a privilege to be able to go to college. Though the work load is sometimes daunting, time
has become a precious commodity (as if it wasn't before - now I'm more aware of how precious it is) and I am realizing how ignorant I am . . .

This is an exhilarating experience.

Photo courtesy of dcJohn