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Monday, March 12, 2007

Close Courage

I received a dose of inspiration. Saw a piece on CBS's Sunday Morning about portrait artist Chuck Close. His portraits are very large - 6-7' X 9-10', and are composed of smaller round, square, and/or triangular shapes, intrically placed, carefully hued, that when seen from a distance form an amazingly original likeness to the subject. Now, this work is wonderful enough, but what I find particularly inspiring is that he is in a wheelchair, with limited mobility of his arms and hands. He paints by using a specially made wrist strap, on which his brush is fastened. The man refuses to give up. Most probably there are days when it would be easier. But he forges on, against the tide. He is determined to speak his own unique voice, to express his inner self. This is courage and tenacity.
I will think of him often when my muse decides to hide, when it's too hot or too cold or too . . .

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Princess Haiku said...

We all need to think about people like this every single day when we lose courage and hope.