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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Venture

Today marks a brand new chapter, the latest in a long line of new chapters, and an exciting one.

I am making plans to move to Kalamazoo, MI, where I have a wonderful new opportunity to grow as an artist. Actually, I have been growing as an artist for some time now, in leaps and bounds.  This will give me a entirely new direction. I will, for the first time in my life, be moving away from home. And at the ripe old age of 47! So, more accurately, I will be expanding my horizons, spreading my wings, flying.

At the upper left of this blog, I have posted a video that I have posted on Kickstarter.com. This is a service that allows people to ask for funding for all sorts of projects. One section is art related. I hope you will click here and view my entire submission, and maybe donate to my cause. There are rewards for each level of donation, and I hope you will at least look, and pass this along to all your contacts.

Here's the link -http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/57918412/life-begins-47 Thank you in advance.

Here is another new artwork, 3298+, 36"x 48" acrylic on canvas, 2011. 

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