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Tuesday, December 5, 2006


What a wonderful experience seeing the Monet in Normandy exhibition! Print media or online just does not compare to seeing the actual work. I was left breathless, and overcome with waves of emotion. It was as if one was somehow transported to the time and place of the creation of the piece, as if the emotion experienced by Monet in the creation somehow transcends time, as if the feeling is imbedded in the paint and canvas. Some of the work is almost three dimensional, you can move from one viewpoint to another and the objects change perspective. How glorious it was!!
Also visited a cool gallery/studio space that showcases multiple artists and their work, called Artspace in downtown Raleigh. This is a neat concept- you can go in and actually visit with the artists as they work, ask questions. Getting to meet fellow artists is always a great thing, but having them so personable and willing to share is above and beyond. This is a place that everyone needs to check out. You will leave inspired.


acela said...

Harriett, I was glad to hear you enjoyed your experience in Raleigh. I've had those times too, perhaps after hearing a great concert, when I was equally inspired. I think everyone needs to have those times periodically.

Princess Haiku said...

I would love to see a Monet exhibition someday. What was your experience of it?