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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


As an artist, it is extremely important that you have confidence in your ability and vision. This confidence is something that must be acquired, over time. when you first sit or stand before the canvas you may feel nervous or afraid - but push through it. Making a mark, any mark, will speed you on your journey. With each successive piece, it will become easier and easier. Think how hard it must have been for Picasso to explore his unique vision - no one else had ever before done Cubism. Look how radically different it was (and still is!). He stirred the whole art world and became a household name because he had confidence in his own art and ability.

Confidence will enable you to march to your own beat, instead of following blindly what someone else thinks is art. It's important to look around at your environment and listen to what your inner voice is saying. What causes your eyes to well up? What image or thought robs you of sleep? Whatever "IT" is, that is what you must interpret for the world. You do have something someone in the world needs to see, read or hear - we are all waiting to experience it!
Photo courtesy of Kitten Betty.

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