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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eye Thoughts

Had to take my hubby for same day cataract surgery a few days ago - really really early. The sheer volume of surgeries on any given day probably necessitates this, but it's rough getting up and around before the light of day, especially when the "to do" list for that day stretches into the evening hours. The nurses were very efficient and pleasant and I'm impressed when I think of how they have dedicated their lives to the service of others. I'm sure their days are long and strenuous, and at times very technical with all the paperwork they have to do. The definition of "unsung hero".

All went well for hubby, but I was very nervous about the thought of his surgery. To think something as important as eyesight could be lost, with one all too human slip, one meandering thought . . . put a few things in perspective. And it made me thankful - for the time we live in where such surgery has become commonplace; for a loving husband who sees my art and knows the heart it comes from; for the hope that he will be able to continue to see beauty and inspire me with his unique viewpoint.
(Image courtesy of Scott Robinson)


The Artist said...

So pleased to hear all went well for your hubby.

cooper said...

Glad that is over and successful. I know paying with eyes is a scary thought, one must have absolute confidence in the surgeon.

I lost you in the icon change and just figured it out when you commented at WL because I saw the new icon.

Ebb Tide said...

I feel connected to your article about cataract surgery. Well...I am a very strange artist because I do have a cochlear implant and lens implant( known as cataract surgery).The lens implant improved my vision very well and can see real colors and beauty. Hope it does work for your husband too.

desaraev said...

Glad everything went well. My boyfriend had a similar surgery.