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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

DiverseArt Launch

Had a super day - got to install art at our local Arts Center in preparation of our upcoming exhibition, DiverseArt, this month. DiverseArt was conceived last year after a group of us had a disappointing time trying to sell art at a local festival. It was disappointing trying to sell, it was not disappointing in the camaraderie we experienced. We began talking about how we could get the arts going in our small town. We not only wanted that for ourselves, but we wanted to include other artists in our area, showcase the incredible gold mine of talent and celebrate their diverse perspectives. That brainstorming session led to DiverseArt, which is a group show that exists to give artists a venue and an opportunity to market their work as they speed along on their artistic journey.

We are planning for 300 people to show up for the wine and cheese reception, Thursday October 18 at 6 PM, and we have a fantastic musician on tap, Capers Bull, who will play some "Come On And Buy Some Art" type music on the piano. There will be much laughter, and maybe some singing and dancing. . . one never knows!

We are honored to have, in alphabetical order, Elsie Lewis Fogle, Alice French, Rajas Londhe, George McDaniel, Pennie Sifly, Jo Wyrosdick, and Ellen Zisholtz.

I've been very busy planning, cajoling, exulting, typing, organizing, fretting, crying, laughing . . . and it's not over yet. Oh, no, it's just begun!!


cooper said...

That sounds like fun though a lot of work to before hand. Is it this weekend or later on?

harriett said...
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