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Friday, October 12, 2007

DiverseArt Loosed

OK, it's crunch time! We artists who are showing in DiverseArt are tying up loose ends, finalizing plans. Most of the art has been hung, and the art that will reside on tables will be ready to display early next week. We have been interviewed in our local paper, planned the menu, sent out the invitations. All that remains is for us to show up and showcase our work.

It's exciting to see us come together, working to promote not only our own work, but each of the other's as well. I'm glad to be right here, right now.

It hasn't always been thus. There were times when I'd rather live anywhere but here. But I suppose we all have feelings of doubt and at one time or another are disenchanted with where we happen to be. I haven't had the opportunity to live outside my small geographic area, but I have had the privilege to know many who have. I am amazed at the artists who reside around me, and how varied their backgrounds and perspectives are. I am so thankful to be here and to know so many of them. They have all enriched my life in ways that are as colorful, dynamic and thoughtful as their work.

So, if you are anywhere nearby, please plan to come to the Orangeburg Arts Center Thursday October 18 from 6-8, and meet these fantastic artists (and me!!) and hear their stories. It will be a night and an experience to remember.


cooper said...

Good Luck Harriett. I'll be thinking of you.

Princess Haiku said...

I hope everything goes wonderfully for you Harriet! -and remember, courage isn't not being scared; it's doing it anyways. Thanks for stopping my blog. I fell out of the loop for a while but getting back into my blogging again.