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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yes, Yet Another New Years List

Like almost everyone else on the planet, I've been doing a bit of reviewing here at year's end. Here's a few things I hope for the new year:

  • That somebody will TAKE charge, and get our men and women out of the train wreck called Iraq.
  • That for once, just once, my bills won't exceed my earnings.
  • That at least one person in the world will allow their inner artist to come to life. (OK, really I hope about a million will)
  • That stupid Head ON commercial will just go away.
  • That my head won't explode from school, paint, work, blog, school, work, blog, paint . . . (Hmmm, wonder if Head ON works??)
  • That my hand remain steady, my eyes clear, my soul easily inspired.
  • That no child will ever see a hand raised to injure them, and the ones lost find a way back home.
  • That goes for pets, too.
  • That I never forget to tell and show those I love that I do.
  • That even though I posted this lame end of the year entry, you all will bear with me and stick with me for another year.

1 comment:

Ebb Tide said...

Hi! Nice New Year's list. My list are leftovers from last year. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! Yes, I'll stick w/ you for another year.