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Monday, January 21, 2008

Act II

The second half of my life has begun. I began school last week, and much to my surprise I found it enjoyable. Of course, the key words here are "I just began". . . time will tell whether I'll regret this decision to the marrow of my bones, or just through to the first layer of dermis.

On this day, I'm off from both school and work, thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. and our government, though lately I have major criticisms of said government, at least they set aside a day to remember this heroic fallen son of America. I am using this time to study and do homework.

I've found a fountain of youth of sorts, old school memories flood my mind. I'm much more thankful this go 'round, much more cognizant of the sacrifices the professors make each and every day, and of the incredible journey many students have embarked upon just to be able to be there. Everyone in their middle years should go back to school. Just sitting in a desk again, after 20+ years, is a miracle in itself.

Time to get a cup of java, and get back at it. Here's a sketch I did for my art class. . . pen and ink on paper. We are assigned to do a sketch a day, which is a great way to build focus and skill. I recommend it highly.


Ebb Tide said...

Hi! Best wishes on your school adventure. Like you I embarked on going to back to art school but via correspendence. It works for me better. Because of my hearing problem a traditional classroom is going to be difficult.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I am still watching. I too enjoy school learning keeps me young
after two years i have fixed my computer it would blank out after a few min on the web. How if i could spell!

cooper said...


kozachekart said...


I really like this sketch. It has a poignancy about it - scribe-like and very apropos for school days.