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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I learned . . .

Pleased to meet you all, I'm Harriett and I used to be a pretty regular blogger, until I started college in middle age . . .

Glad to be back! School is out, I did decently, and am getting ready for Summer school and then a month off before Fall semester.
I learned:

I can figure out m=y2-y1/x2-x1!!!!!! Took me all semester . . .

The immense value in disciplining yourself to do a sketch a day, even if it's seemingly worthless.

The comfort of friends who really understand if you don't return their call.

A new appreciation for those who struggle and sacrifice so others can achieve a dream (namely professors).

Here's a page from my sketchbook:


cooper said...

I am happy to see you are still around. I hope the term went well and you are loving it all. I too am taking the only course available to me this summer - soon.

Life intervenes but it is always nice to catch up.

cooper said...

Hey, Happy belated birthday to you.

Have a great weekend.