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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still Thankful

It's almost Thanksgiving again, and I suppose I will join the hundreds of other bloggers and report on the season. Not terribly creative or original, I know.

Thanksgiving, however, is a time I look forward to each year. Not for the obligatory food or family get togethers, though. Of course I remember Turkey Day's past, and instances of both family peace and drama.

What is special about the day for me is the call to be grateful, to be thankful, for all things. As I posted last year, here are a few things I'm thankful for:

Leaves that are more beautiful than any painting
The ability to see those leaves
Men and women who have the courage to fight for the freedoms I enjoy, sitting here writing.
Election Day
Friends who love me like we share genetic material
The sound and smell of the ocean
Coffee and chocolate
That feeling you get when you get home after a long day and your dog is wagging all over
A loving, supportive spouse

Have a super Thanksgiving, everybody. (Photo courtesy audreyjm529)


kozachekart said...

It is not always easy to remember to be grateful. Thank you for the reminder.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi! Come Thanksgiving, I will remember to be thanksful in everything and in all circumstances. I just posted my Thansgiving blog and we have some similar thoughts.

artsails1 said...

Thank you for your post, I am most thankful for all the special people that I have met this year. You are one of those special people, thank you!
YF, Jean Bourque

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

ok,so be happy!