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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Revenir de Suite

I finally got back to my easel!!! It's been entirely too long . . . and oh how I missed it! I set aside some time this past weekend and worked on a painting I started a few weeks (months?) ago. The brushes in my hand felt heavenly, working with and mixing the paint like a reunion with a long ago friend.

Here's my painting, revenir de suite, (Be Right Back) which isn't quite finished, still on the easel, and a corner of my studio.

What has kept me away from my first art love has been another form of creativity - writing. I've begun the first ever art blog for my town's newspaper. I get to make people aware of what's happening art wise, and I hope to joggle a few folks into realizing art is as necessary as other forms of commerce, even more so. To those of us who create, and those who appreciate the creations, it is our lifeblood, our reason for being, not just a way to make a buck, although making a living off our compulsion is nice, too. I find it exciting, and a bit scary. I intend to trumpet the artists and the artists' creations, to show how much richer we are with them around.

The blog is called Drawing Attention. I hope you all like it.


Princess Haiku said...

Hi Harriet; an art blog for your town sounds great. It should give you writing to use in here too. take care and enjoy the holiday season.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi! Love your description about going back to your easel... "like having a reunion w/ a friend." Nice thought. I meant to go back to my easel also but w/ many trips, holidays and lingering terrible cold, I haven't touch my paint brushes for months. Looking forward to reuniting w/ a friend.

artsails1 said...


How exciting and woonderful for you!!! This is great news. I will look forward to it. Do you have a myspace page? I just started one at www.myspace.com/jeanbourque. I also wrote on my blog today too.
hugs, JB

Cooper said...

That is an excellent idea and a good opportunity for you as well. I enjoyed reading through it.

I'm glad you've taken up the brush again though.

kozachekart said...

Thanks Harriett! This just might change things. When artists become aware of each other a spark is ignited. I've been finding that out already with the newly created Orangeburg Writer's Group. But when the town becomes aware of the artists things can really start happening. That is when history is made.

harriett said...

Princess - I hope it turns out to be a boon for local arts
Ebb - don't let anything keep you from your art
Jeanee - how many more hats can you fit on your head???? You go girl!
Cooper - always good to see you come around, and thanks
Friend Janet - you help me glimpse possibilities - Bedankt