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Friday, November 2, 2007

Unique Creativity

Creativity can and does come in all forms. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because of it - it brings out the artist in people who don't, or won't, let it show at any other time of the year. This was evident at my dayjob in the library, when one of the librarians just let her inner Van Gogh burst through . . .

Here's the cake she made, which freaked us all out good. The poem she wrote read,

"Is this a trick?
Or is it a treat?
Is it nasty,
Or is it sweet?

If you're feeling brave,
Then scoop up some and eat!"

Thanks, Julie Knotts . . . it was delicious, by the way.


The Artist said...

That looks an exciting cake to me.

kozachekart said...

And the ingredients for this cake are??

Jennifer said...

so i totally know who made this cake :).

Cooper said...

Makes me hungry.

Fine Artist said...