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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Artsy Tattoos

I previously have not given tattoos much thought. I don't have any, not because I think it's a low life thing to do, but rather I have not yet seen anything I'd want on my body permanently. I'm afraid that when I get real old and everything goes south I'll have to deal with some major regret. The things that I find drop dead inspiring today might not be so cool when I get older.

But recently, I came across some on Boing Boing that I find stunning. These tats are medical drawings on the outside of the body, highly detailed and masterfully rendered. I think they are fine works of art.

A very special thanks to Adam Hammer for the photo.


artsails1 said...


Interesting writing as always; and thanks for finishing the story on your brother Ron. Big hugs; my friend! May RSG be the start of a long and prosperous art career.
Much love Jeanee

cooper said...

I've seen some great tattoos, but so far have managed to avoid them. I would do one on my lower back if anywhere, as it is the least likely to go saggy at a later date.

harriett said...

True, Cooper! But then I'd probably spend all my time checking out my own backside!!!!