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Monday, August 6, 2007

Kozachek Mosaic

Finally, a few days of productivity! I feel as if I accomplished something this weekend. By my puny little standards at least.

Began several works to add to the Rita Smith Gallery, and helped fellow artist and friend Janet Kozachek set up her new blog. She made this beautiful mosaic for me. That's the image of it there, to the left. She created it as I was telling her a bit about my background, my inspirations and hopes. It's solid and textural. The pieces were carefully placed, and each element has more than one meaning. It is already priceless.

This is one artist you will want to know. Click here to see her blog


The Artist said...

What a special gift Janet made for you. Look forward to checking out her blog.

Ebb Tide said...

Thanks for introducing Janet to blogging. Just check out her blog today and looks promising.

Princess Haiku said...

Hi, thanks for introducing, Janet. I will stop by to visit her blog. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Tamara Miles said...

Like your blog! Looking forward to the Summer Arts Fest with you!