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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Creative Earning Power

No doubt being an artist is one of the most rewarding career choices one can choose. Of course, you have to have the creative spark to begin with. If you hate putting pencil to paper, or brush to canvas, maybe a career in art is not for you. But I believe most human beings have some sort of creative spark. I think it's what distinguishes us from the apes and all other forms of life on this planet. Although there is a bird in Africa, called the Bowerbird, that creates an elaborate mating platform for his potential mates . . . well, I'm getting off subject in a major way!
Anyway, it seems all my artist friends are having the same problem, having a hard time selling any work at the moment. With gasoline going in some parts of the country for $3+ a gallon, and as a result everything else getting more expensive, it's hard to make ends meet.

In my blog searches, I've come across several bloggers who have signed up for PayPerPost. This is a company that will pay a blogger to write about various subjects that advertisers choose. You sign up, and have to be approved before you can see any cash. At first I thought, my goodness, I don't know if I could do something that seems like, well, a sell out. But then as I looked at the situation, I asked myself, what's the difference between writing a post and getting paid and doing a piece of art on commission? Using your talents to create something someone else wants is what most artists do. There's nothing wrong with generating a bit of revenue for the talents that have been given to you, and the skill it took years to cultivate.

Go to PayPerPost.com and look around a bit. You have nothing to lose.

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