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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Martha Stewart As Artistic Inspiration Part 1

OK, I know a lot of you will think I've lost it completely after reading that title. "She's been artistically challenged a bit too long" and "Egad, maybe she is a starving artist after all and is not getting enough nutrients to the brain". But wait - let's look at this . . .
I have finished reading "The Martha Rules - 10 Essentials For Achieving Success As You Start, Build, or Manage A Business" and there are parallels. The 10 essentials are passion, having a big idea, examination of your goals, giving back, growth, quality, allowing others to help you along the way, using your mistakes, taking risks, and making it beautiful. Please note these are not the actual names of the 10 essentials; I sorta paraphrased. After all, this is an art blog, and I'm trying to make a point. You will just have to read the book to get the real 10 essentials!

These elements can help us as artists. Here's how:

1. Passion. We all know we must have that, because no one in their right mind would go through all the stuff we do just to create and show our art. Do what you can to keep it alive; go on a trip to a new place, take a class, hob-nob with other artists.

2. A Big Idea. In this case I mean the fact that we deign to create in the first place, that's a Big Idea. Think of a concept and present it in a new and different way. Sketch a different perspective of that still life, paint that portrait from a different angle. I'm reminded of Stephen Spielberg, his Big Idea changed the way movies were made.

3. Goals. We must have attainable goals. And really, all goals are attainable, some just take more work and effort than others. For example, if I have 2 goals, one being to finish a painting by next week, the other being to finish 6 paintings by next week, both goals are attainable, it's just that the first one will be easier to achieve than the latter one. Set a few easier to reach goals. Accomplishing them will spur you on to bigger and better achievements.

4. Giving Back. This is important. We must help others along the way if we are to expect any kind of satisfaction through our work. It can be as simple as showing a child how to draw a tree, or as complex as owning and operating a gallery to further other artist's careers.

5. Growth. We must continually grow and expand as artists. We must look at art, discuss art, and create as much as we can. We should try different mediums and styles, just for the fun of it. Think of a different way to present your art to the world; greeting cards, lampshades - I have a friend who painted a rug on her floor - you should see people trying not to trip on the wrinkle she included!
Well, there you have five. Tomorrow I'll expound on the next five. Until then . . .

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Ebb Tide said...

I like Martha despite of her mistake in the past . I have followed her career over the years and I am happy she bounced back. Thanks for all the tips on how to improve our artistic lives. I agreed with all your five points and have use them myself. Thanks for reminding me.