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Monday, July 30, 2007

Martha Stewart As Artistic Inspiration Part 2

Continued from yesterday:
6. Quality. This is a cornerstone, and should always be on your mind. Stated simply, do the very best you can do at all times, in all aspects of your work. Choose the best paints and brushes you can afford, the best canvas and frames. Make sure your works on paper are archival - you don't want your work to fall apart within a few years. Take care of your projected image - make sure your business cards and other promotional materials look professional. You are your own brand - If you can't project yourself as knowledgeable about your art, then how can you sell it? After all, your art is a part of you.
7. Allow Others To Help You. We artists are an independent bunch. We think we can do it all - that when it comes to our art only our individual voice matters. Not true. Allow others to give you feedback, and listen to what they have to say. If your work hangs in a cafe, pay attention to not only what the owner and patrons think of it, but what the wait staff thinks as well. Art should speak to everyone. Ask advice from fellow artists, don't be shy. Especially those older than you - learn how they do things.
8. Don't Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes. Face it - you will make them. That's the only way, however, to really improve. Leonardo DaVinci made many - The Last Supper was a huge one. He painted it using experimental paint binding agents instead of the tried and true fresco, and it began falling off the wall it was painted on almost immediately, as well as attracting mold. Imagine if he would have destroyed this "mistake"! The world is still discovering subtleties and new symbolism in this masterpiece.
9. Risks. With life comes risk. To get out of bed every day is a risk. To stay in bed is a risk. There is no safe passage. Expand your artistic voice . . . if you are an abstract artist, try pottery. Send out a query to a gallery, risk being rejected. If you are turned down, so what? There are thousands of galleries. Get some work online - it only requires a little time and a digital camera. Someone in the world needs to see your art.
10. Make It Beautiful. Surround yourself with beauty, and it will make not only your art better, but improve your outlook. Plant some flowers. Paint a room your favorite color. Decorate with objects and symbols you love, that mean something to you. Maybe even get a tattoo, if it makes you feel beautiful.


The Artist said...

Beautifully expressed. As artists we need to be continually taking risks to keep our work expanding.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I am trying

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Today body and mind are not one
life feel like it is done
I would give up but I would miss the fun

harriett said...

Lloyd, hope it is some comfort knowing we all have our rough spots. Being an artist has it's advantages, however. To be able to express yourself is a precious freedom, and quite a gift.
Don't give up.

minneapolis artist desaraev said...

Martha stewart is so crafty.