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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Myspace As Artistic Expression

Been doing a little web surfing lately. I checked out Myspace, just for fun. And fun it can be. It can also eat up a good portion of your day, if you're not careful.
Just for curiosity's sake, I looked up Neil Diamond (I'm a fan, and I thought he might be available to chat with, since I'm sure he has nothing better to do on a Tuesday but lurk on Myspace) and would you believe there are 100 + Neils? Pictured is a screenshot of, I'm sure, the real one. It says right there under the caption Who You'd Like To Meet, " I'd like to meet you, baby!" There's his autographed picture and everything!!!
One thing struck me, though - the amount of self expression and artistry involved in this. You can modify your page to fit your personality, showcase your likes and dislikes, like a page out of an old fashioned scrapbook. There are websites that provide code for animations, backgrounds and the like to be inserted on your page. You can have Beavis and Butthead rocking to Metallica or Jesus appearing and disappearing into graphics that read "The Name Above All Names". You can have a glittery seizure-causing flash background, or a serene lake scene.
One thing for sure, people have an innate need to express themselves. I think that's part of the popularity of Myspace - anyone can put a little or a lot of themselves into their pages. The variety and level of customization is astonishing. Regular people are expressing themselves artistically!
Artists will always use the tools available to them, and the Internet and sites like Myspace and YouTube that allow a high level of user interaction should remain popular. From the earliest cave drawings self expression has been a crucial part of what it means to be human. That imperative, that need, won't go away as our technology increases. Human beings will use the tools available, whatever they may be, to create art and make the world a better place.


Fidget said...

watch out it can suck you in!!!

i use my own art as my background


harriett said...

Hey Fidget, that's what I'm talkin' about - making it your own! Sorry I couldn't see it, your profile is private.

The Artist said...

Love the use of light in your paintings.

surrealmuse said...

Myspace is also a great tool to connect with fellow artists and know what's going on in the local art community.

minneapolis artist desaraev said...

great idea