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Monday, June 25, 2007

Interview With Jean Bourque

The following is an interview with artist
Jean Bourque

1. How do
you express
through art?

i.e. what medium
do you primarily use?

Currently; I am expressing myself with a series
related to interior
spaces. I am using mainly acrylics & pastels on
pre-stretched canvas.In this series,
I have doors, walls and windows
and the question of which way to go. While
one thing remains a
constant in my work is my unusual perspective, partly due
to bad
visionand partly due to having my own perspective on the world;
many find unusual. I am finding my paintings are more open
and less cluttered, I am more free
and less critical.

2. What galleries are currently showing your work?

I have my work at Ward-Nasse Gallery in Manhattan, NYC. I also am
showing in SC at The Enchanted
Forest in West Columbia, SC,
Seven Oaks Park in Columbia, SC; The Earth Fare, The Bank of

America at Richland and Main in Columbia and I have an
upcoming show at The Starving Artist in West
Columbia starting
June 30th for the month of July. In addition; I will have an art
reception in
Orangeburg at Thee Matriarch on Tues. July 17th
from 5-8 pm; during the Top Chef
Tuesday Monthly event.
I am on about ten web sites all over the world.

3. What motivates you?

I am motivated by challenges which offer an opportunity for
self expression, to explore and grow
intellectually and to lead
others in the same. Artistically; I get motivated to create
around other
artists, art events, music, plays, at the beach,
in the mountains, seeing an abstract pattern in nature,

contemporary designs, buildings, skylines, city views,
getting new art materials and when I want to solve
a personal dilemma.

4. Who are your heroes? Please include at least one artist.

I look up to the artist Frida Kahlo and admire her very much.
She was her
own person which was unusual for a woman,
during her life time. She was able to
use her art as a way
to of overcoming a very traumatic experience and then

progressed to tell her life story through her art. I also
admire Vincent Van
Gogh. Even though people laughed
at him; he did his art anyway. He was true to

his self and in that the world has come to know the
genius that no one knew
back in his day. I see myself in
both of their stories and although I am not
exactly like
either of them; I may be a combination of both of them.
Vincent and myself all have been driven to paint.
I have that passion, they both had.

5. If you could have any job in the world, what
would it be?

Being a friend of the universe is the most
important job I have.

6. What single work of art has inspired you the most?

This answer will change from time to time. At one time;
I would have said
"Water Lillies" by Monet. Now, I would
say I am deeply inspired by a piece of
artwork by Kandinsky.
I have three of his prints and any one of them would be

the number one. Other times; I may say something by
Peter Max, Miles Batt,
Georgia O'Keefe, Salvadore Dali,
Picasso, Matisse, Frida Kahlo, "Starry Starry
Night" by
Van Gogh, works by Miro...the list goes on and on. I
sold framed
art on the road; so I have seen more
art than most people.

7. Finally, the Barbara Walters question - if you
could be a tree
what kind would you be and why
(Sorry, I just had to!!)

Although I love the redwood trees in California; I
would have to be a Palm tree. Since I was a little kid;
I always thought they were the most beautiful.

Thank you Jeanee! If you have not met this talented,
warm individual, you
should, and as you can see she
is all over the place, so there are lots of

opportunities to bump into her and enjoy her beautifully
expressive work in person. You won't be sorry you did!


The Artist said...

Really enjoyed the interview.

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Harriet,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a wonderfully creative space.