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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Want To Achieve Your Dreams?

Want to achieve your dreams? Start by shunning negative thoughts and deeds. Yep, I think it's that simple.

I'm firmly convinced nothing of any importance will be gained through negativity. Say, for instance, you work hard at a job you hate all day, or night, one that sucks the life right out of you. When you come home, what do you do with your time? Sinking in front of the TV, vegetating for a while, though tempting, will not get you away from where you are in your current situation, to where you want to be. The only thing that will put you on a path to a better life is to use as much of your free time as possible to get positive. What do I mean?

One thing to do is to break up your free time into blocks, say 30 minutes or one hour, and in that time do something positive that will get you where you know you need to be. Take 30 minutes a day and sketch a tree or a face, honing your skill. Take 30 minutes or an hour to read a how-to book on a subject you're passionate about; take 30 minutes or an hour to connect with people online who know more than you do about a chosen subject.
You will immediately feel better about yourself. Notice I didn't say soon or someday. The reward of doing something positive, no matter how small it may seem, will have an instant effect. You can't get that kind of satisfaction from watching "Desperate Housewives". And the really neat thing is that one positive thing leads to and attracts other positive things and people to you, just like a refrigerator attracts magnets.

Three years ago I was in a dead end job, thinking there wasn't anything better. Someone put "The Purpose Driven Life" in my hands, and it was one of the things that changed my life. I began to think differently, began to abolish negative thoughts. Maybe I did have value - maybe my talent and love of art was no accident, it could become my vocation. My best friend had a birthday coming up - I drew her house as a gift (positive step) She liked it and told alot of people (positive leads to positive) Other people started giving me commissions (like refrigerator + magnet).

Amazingly, your dreams will begin to come true. You can have the life you want - it's right there - ready for you to take hold of it.

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Lise Richards said...

I so agree with your perspective on this. It's really easy sometimes to think negatively; but very rewarding to be positive and move in a better direction. Thank you for this reminder!