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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nuclear Vision

Last Tuesday evening I was honored to be one of the artists involved in Top Chef Tuesday's, an event hosted by Rachelle Jamerson at a wonderfully restored historic house called Thee Matriarch. People came from all over to sample fantastic cuisine, fine wine, and listen to the soulful jazz of Del Rae. I was privileged to meet artist, art marketer and blogger Jean Bourque, who I suspect really has 8 arms; how else can she do all the amazing things she does?

That in itself is good enough, but what is really worthy of writing and talking about is the fact that it happened in the first place. You see, Orangeburg, where the event took place, is a very small town, with very little art presence. There are plenty fine, accomplished artists around, and many people who love and support the arts, and sacrifice time and money to make sure at least some art "happens". But as far as I know, and Lord knows I don't know all that takes place, this is the first event where so many distinctive artists have gotten together under one roof. So many beautiful and interesting people were there, colors and textures everywhere you looked. All because one woman, who has as much energy as a nuclear reactor, knows that art is essential, has the power to unite a community. There she is, in the top picture, with guest Omar Benjamin, beaming.

In the picture bottom left is the treasure known as Del Rae, making beautiful music. Bottom right is Orangeburg County Library Director and hat afficionado Paula Paul (yes, that's her real name!) with a hat by Christopher's Originals.

Rachelle Jamerson is a rare bird. She is a woman with a vision, and with enough energy and ideas to carry it out. Few things are guaranteed in life, but one of the things that is, if you ever meet her, you will leave inspired.

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