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Friday, June 8, 2007

A Jackson Pollock Find?

Saw a documentary about Terri Horton, a lady truck driver who found a piece of art at an antique store. She bought it for $5 as a gift for a friend, who thought it godawful ugly, was insulted, and didn't want it. So Terri put it in a yard sale, where it was spotted by an artist who suspected it could be an undiscovered, authentic Jackson Pollock. Terri, who had no idea who Pollock was, hired art experts, contacted dealers and everyone else she could think of, to try and prove it's authenticity. She has been told if it is the real deal, it could be worth upwards of 3o million dollars. She has been offered 2 million, 9 million, on up, but she has refused these offers. 15+ years have passed, and the argument continues.
Why won't she take the money, move out of the trailer park she has lived in for many years, quit driving the big rig; live the good life?
Terri Horton did something unusual. She took another look at what she once thought was unusual, confusing, ugly. Whether or not is a genuine Pollock, it looks like a Pollock, and something of the artist communicated with Terri Horton. This truck driving, trailer park dwelling grandmother did something we can all learn from; she has listened to her heart, taken a second look, a deeper look.
A part of the artist is embedded in his/her art. The layers of life, the emotions felt when creating a piece, are all there. It is imprinted in each color, stroke of the brush, each texture. This truth, this soul of the artist, can and does communicate with those of us who are the viewer. With some who view a particular piece by a particular artist, that voice becomes a shout, the communication a warm embrace.


Gypsy Purple said...

Stunning post!!!

The Artist said...

Beautifully said.

harriett said...

Thanks! I appreciate your comments!