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Saturday, June 2, 2007


Met with some other artists today for our monthly Sketch Group meeting. We get together and discuss ideas, joke around, plan grand works of art that will change the world, and, oh yeah, sketch. We met outside at our local park, and because rain was threatening, sought shelter under a covered picnic area. I find it refreshing to meet with other artists, bounce ideas around, and just be. I know artists who don't make much of an effort to socialize, and that's OK, but I think ultimately they are missing out on many things. The exchange if ideas, the camaraderie, the feeling of understanding you get with a kindred soul helps fuel my thoughts, lifts my mood, and enhances my creativity. I can't get that kind of connectivity with any other group of people, because as artists we might as well just face the facts - we are different, and we need to be with like minded people who understand the incredible uphill battle is is to be an artist now, in America, in 2007. So if at all possible, forget the competition for a little while, contact another artist and share some experiences. You and the rest of the world will benefit immensely.
Oh, and I did get a little something done - here is my rough sketch of the morning. . .

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Princess Haiku said...

Artists groups sound wonderful.- Chance to cross-pollinate, inspire, share dreams, challenges.